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Daalchini Buddy Program: Refer a Location & Earn Money

Updated: May 18

Daalchini has launched Buddy Program, a refer and earn program through which you can earn money by referring locations to Daalchini where we can install our vending machine.

This is a bit of a different refer and earns program where you don’t need to ask anyone for signups or download the app.

You will have to search for locations like corporate, college, hospitals, co-working spaces, residential apartments, PGs, hostels, etc. You can do this by yourself or through your contacts.

For example, if you know an HR or an admin person in a company, then you can ask them about vending machines. If they agree or give a positive response, you can refer them to Daalchini. After this, our team will contact them and if we install the machine there, you will get a reward.

How does Daalchini Buddy Program work?

  1. Find a good location where a vending machine can be installed

  2. Refer that location to the Daalchini team

  3. Daalchini will talk to them and check the feasibility

  4. If everything goes well, then we will install the machine

  5. You will get a reward bonus and monthly revenue share

What are the Rewards of being a Daalchini Buddy?

You will get a one-time referral bonus of up to Rs.5,000. There will also be a monthly revenue share where you will get a monthly payout if sales of the machine will be more than a pre-decided number.

Refer and Earn is a very powerful way to get more people to join your network or use your services or subscribe to your product. People get rewarded for just doing a simple task which is referring. In the case of Daalchini, you will just have to search and identify good locations and refer them to Daalchini.

What is this Buddy Program by Daalchini?

This is a reward program where you can refer a location to Daalchini where we can install a vending machine and you will be rewarded for this.

The locations can be a hospital, corporates, colleges, PGs, Coworking spaces, apartments, hotels, etc.

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