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Benefits of Daalchini Vending Machine [24*7 Tuck Shop]

Break the fast; don’t skip breakfast!

A famous saying of all health experts. We usually tend to skip meals, especially breakfast in a hurry to reach the office before our bosses arrive, just to create a little more impression of a hard working punctual soul.

Daalchini prevents yourom skipping the most important meal of the day by providing healthy home style breakfast items that would serve the dual purposes mentioned above.

Fresh and Healthy - Always Wealthy

Daalchini provides you the comfort of fresh home food without worrying about unhealthy aspects of items provided elsewhere. The food has no preservatives and serves as an ideal quick bite in offices.

In a world of instant gratification, good nutrition also provides the energy to meet deadlines, to stay focused during long meetings and to think clearly through complex tasks.

The right foods, at the right time, can increase your brainpower, help you beat the afternoon slump, increase your patience and reduce irritability — setting the tone for healthy work relationships, as well as a healthy waistline.

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Sustain your energy levels through Energy Bars and Drinks- A little sugar is all that you need

Daalchini machine serves different types of healthy beverages for all kinds of people gym freaks or not, juices and energy bars to boost your sugar levels hence instilling the energy to refocus on work

Chai time snacks ! Oh Yes, A respite and refreshment from mundane office work

The all Healthy Daalchini Kiosk also provides your favourite snack items like Banana chips, Lite finger chips made of rice flour, soya katori, Maharastrian Chivda, Cinnamon Gurpara and the list is long to soothe your taste buds.

Occasional delicacies to brighten and lighten you up

Daalchini provides lip smacking delicacies like Suji ka Halwa, Gulab Jamun , all time favorite and iconic winter delicacy Gajar ka Halwa, home made brownies, cookies, plum cakes to make your meal complete!

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