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How are vending machines useful for industries & manufacturing plants?

We have all heard the news of factory workers falling sick due to Diahrrea, liver problems, food poisoning because of the limited accessibility of healthy meals at the industrial or manufacturing plants. This lack of access to healthy food costs countries around the world up to 20% in lost productivity, discontentment either due to malnutrition, which affects one billion people in developing countries, or excess weight and obesity, which affect an equal number, primarily in industrialized economies.

Although, manufacturing plants owners provide cafeterias or canteens where factory workers can go buy and eat food. The food might be inexpensive or free, but workers often complain that it is not very good, clean, or healthy. The inability of getting proper food makes workers go outside of the factory during meal breaks to have street food from the local vendor. Street food is delicious and often fresh, but if vendors do not wash their hands with soap and clean water before preparing, serving, or selling the food, or the food is not kept at the proper temperature and covered, it becomes contaminated for workers making them sick. Inadequately washed dishes and utensils can also spread disease.

To provide workers with healthier food choices, placing smart vending machines or building smart snacking stores at the plant seems to be the ideal solution to this problem so that workers can have access to affordable, healthy, and hygienic food.

In today’s blog post, we will be discussing why and how vending machines are a useful option for manufacturing plants in providing easy and safe food to all their workers.

Benefits of installing vending machines at the manufacturing plants:

Vending machines are useful in a variety of ways, but they can be especially useful in industrial/manufacturing plants. They increase productivity and have the added benefit of being simple to manage. It's no surprise that many businesses believe vending machines are an excellent way to boost workplace satisfaction.

Below are some reasons why vending machines are useful in manufacturing plants:

  1. Low Maintenance and overhead

Vending machines do not require any staff, so there are no additional wages to pay. It also means you won't have to pay any of the other costs associated with hiring full staff to build a canteen.

Then there's the matter of the cost of running a canteen. Even though vending machines can operate 24 hours a day, they only consume a small amount of electricity. Overall, this means lower overhead for your plant.

Also, a vending machine requires little to no maintenance once it is installed. Especially if you use an ‘operated' vending model, make sure your shelves are regularly restocked with best-sellers.

  1. Keeps workers onsite

Your employees will be able to stay in the factory if there are options for onsite food and drink are available to them. This allows manufacturing plants to fulfill their duty of care while also ensuring maximum productivity.

Keeping workers on-site provides more opportunities to engage them in lunchtime activities, boosting morale and engagement. When food travel is eliminated, workers have more time to relax, socialize, and recharge. Furthermore, increased employee engagement leads to a 26 percent increase in profitability.

  1. Availability of healthy food all the time

Vending machines allow workers to work in the way that best suits them. Canteens that have strict serving times can limit productivity. They have the potential to disrupt meetings, break the creative flow, and waste valuable lunch break time traveling to and from.

With food and drink available at all hours of the day and night, factory workers can plan their days around their specific requirements.

But now the question is how do manufacturing plants install vending machines on their premises? Who to contact? Don’t worry, we have got this covered for you.

Daalchini as a partner to install vending machines in manufacturing plants

Daalchini is a company that is making great advancements in the field of assisting businesses with vending machine installation. The company recognized the importance of easily accessible fresh home-cooked meals for people and how important it is for healthy living.

The company’s vending machines provide a secure, contactless method of providing office meals that are not only tasty but also healthy via self-service kiosks known as Daalchini Hut. . Daalchini can adapt its menu based on early sales trends, predicting and driving impulse purchasing, thanks to its tech-led value proposition.

Daalchini has a well-established supply chain to ensure that the food in the kiosk is never stale and is always fresh. It shows that users are always confident in the quality of the items available at the kiosk.

The company will determine the best product placement as well as ensure that the machine is always stocked and running at peak performance which allows the business owner, to focus entirely on their work without having to worry about restocking or maintaining a new vending machine.

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Final words:

Workers and management benefit from having healthy and safe food in the factory. Their bodies and minds are nourished by affordable, healthy, or low-cost meals, increasing work contentment and productivity. Partnering with Daalchini would help industrial/manufacturing owners in installing smart vending machines at the manufacturing plants.

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