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How to Earn Money from Vending Machines in India [2021]

Vending machines are one of the leading and growing retail technologies around the world. It can replace a tuck shop or a cafeteria to provide snacks, beverages, chocolates, and fresh food more efficiently.

Usual vending machine can have more than 30 varieties and can accommodate products between 250-400 in one refilling. If we see the business potential, it is very big.

Also the cost of setting up these vending machines are very low as compared to starting a tuck shop or other food/retail business.

Top 4 ways to earn money from Vending machines:

1. Direct sales: You can earn revenue by selling products through your vending machines. The average margin on most of the products are 20%-25% and the margins on fresh food are in the range of 30-40%. This is the primary and one of the biggest sources of revenue from a vending machine.

2. Rental Income: You can provide your vending machines to your client on a monthly rental basis. You can charge an average rent of around Rs.5,000 for one vending machine.

The reason of charging a rent is that you will be providing a full fledged 24*7 service to the client. The client will get a food option for their staff or employees at a very affordable price and also they don't have to manage anything related to the vending machine.

3. Brand Collaboration: You can do tie-ups with various brands to promote their products in your vending machines. This will be like listing your product on an ad platform for marketing purposes.

4. Ad Revenue: You can run ads and campaigns of the brands which you have with you. A vending machine has good visibility and eyeballs and it can be used to reach out to more number of people without doing anything extra.

You can run ads in the form of screensaver, banner ads, physical creatives, etc.

Final Words:

Daalchini offers industry-best returns. One can become Daalchini partner to earn good returns/money on vending machines. You can earn revenue more than 1 lac per month per machine too. The potential is huge in the vending machines and its business.

Daalchini has various Partner association business models such as p@Daalchini, l@Daalchini, s@Daalchini, c@Daalchini.

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