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[Video] How to use vending machine in India (2022)

Updated: Jan 9

Japan has 1 vending machine for every 23 people. Now, vending machines are becoming very popular in India too. It is estimated that it will be more than USD 1 billion industry by 2025. It means that there is a huge scope of this kind of technology and solution.

You can find a vending machine almost everywhere in a metro or tier-1 city like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, etc.

We, at Daalchini, place these machines at various locations such as corporate offices, co-working spaces, colleges, hospitals, hostels, residential apartments, etc. Lots of people use our smart vending machines every day to order snacks, beverages, healthy bars, fresh food, and more.

So the question which we are gonna talk about in this post is how to use a vending machine?

This is a question which we get almost every day from new clients, customers or from curious people who have just enquired about vending machines.

Let's have a look step by step how you can start using a vending machine:

1. Fully Smart vending machines - Daalchini Vending Machines

Smart vending machines have digital payment options and a screen placed on the kiosk to browse the menu and place the order. To use this type of machine, you need to have a smartphone.

  • Go to the vending machine

  • Select the products from the smart interactive screen/kiosk

  • Add products to the cart

  • Choose the payment method

  • Complete the order and collect the products

You can also use a mobile app also to place an order and just enter the pickup code (4-digit OTP) on the screen and get the product.

2. Semi Smart Vending Machines

These types of machines do not have a digital screen or tab. They have a static QR code pasted on the app which you will be required to scan from the vending machine app.

In, this way you can place orders by selecting the products from the app/website itself.

In these machines, sometimes downloading a mobile application is necessary while in the full smart vending machine you can buy without downloading the app also. (Like in the case of Daalchini vending machine)

3. Cash & Coin Vending Machines (Traditional Machines)

We can call these machines as dumb as they are not smart. There are lots of manual processes associated with these cash and coin vending machines.

In these machines, you will find a keypad to select the products.

First, you need to select the product based on their numbers and then insert the currency notes.

The machine will dispense the products after accepting the notes and give you the change if any.

We hardly see this machine anywhere now as it is not smart and efficient.

Final Words:

As the world is moving towards digital very fast, the same is happening with vending machines also. A smart vending machine saves your time, money, and effort which further helps you in optimizing your operations.

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Q.1 How to use a debit/credit card on a vending machine?

You can download the Daalchini app and go to the payment option. There you will get the option to link your cards for making payments.

Q.2 How to get refunds from Vending Machines?

In smart vending machines like Daalchini, in case of any issue, the refund gets processed automatically within 10 to 45 minutes of the transaction.

Q.3 How to locate a vending machine?

Open the Daalchini app, tap on the location, and switch on your location to see the nearby placed machines. Then you can select the machine where you want to place an order. for

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