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What is Intelligent Retail? Advantages & Future Scope [2022]

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ―Albert Einstein

In this fast-moving world, every business is adapting to new technologies and finding new ways to engage with customers to know exactly what customers want. India has more than 12 million mom-and-pop stores for the day-to-day grocery needs of the people. These Kirana stores are using a few new apps & tools to take their shop online or accept online payments. These all have helped them to ease their daily operations but there is still a need for technology that can help them to scale & grow their business and earn more revenue. Here comes the "Intelligent Retail". A general Kirana store can leverage this vending technology to grow their storefront to 5X or more.

Let us understand this with an example:

Mr. Ram has been running a grocery store for 13 years in his locality. He runs the shop 10-12 hours a day and earns by working actively. He has been meeting all his needs by running this store. But that does not state his fulfillment. The need to attend the shop daily & work every day binds his whole life to it. Also, the cost of electricity, rent, human resources, etc., broaden the difference between revenue & profits.

Sounds familiar, right? This is the case with almost every Mom-and-Pop store across India. These Mom-and-Pop stores come with both comforts and discomforts for the owners. This is where the new technological advancement, Intelligent Retail, can drastically improve their work-life balance.

What is Intelligent Retail?

You must have heard about vending machines where you choose the product, insert your bills (Pay via digital payments or currency notes) into the machine, and the product pops out. These are intelligent retail! From being fully automatic to analyzing the customer behavior and analytics, these can do all.

Will you need to work actively for 10-12 hours? No.

Will you need human resources (or Manpower) and a fairly large storage space? No.

Will you be able to reach more customers and scale your business? Yes.

A new face of this technology, Daalchini is India’s fastest growing intelligent retail chain/channel/community which provides you the opportunity to scale your business exponentially. It lets you sit back & relax while the vending machines work and earn for you. You can rely on intelligent retail to scale your business and understand customer preferences. As a retail store owner, if you switch from traditional shops to these intelligent retails, imagine the scalability and perks you’ll enjoy.

Challenges of Retail or Mom-and-Pop Store owners:

Retail store owners face a number of challenges while operating and scaling their businesses. Let me highlight some of them along with the solutions that Daalchini (Intelligent Retail) provides –

1. Workforce Requirement – Expanding a traditional retail business requires new human resources while it takes only one person to set up & manage multiple Daalchini vending machines.

2. Operational Costs – A typical retail store demand costs like electricity, workforce, rent, etc., which are generally higher. In contrast, a vending machine requires no more than 100 units of electricity and minimum internet. It can be placed within a 6 sq ft area, which requires minimum or no rent.

3. Insights & Inventory controls – A typical retail store has no analytical tool to keep check of inventory; neither can it customize offers according to customers’ choices. However, the IoT software and analytical tools embedded in intelligent retail do both. It can levy changes according to customer & product sales.

Moreover, not only for the sellers, but intelligent retail also enhances customer experience drastically. The more and better customers’ experiences, the better for the sellers. Here’s how –

Advantages of Intelligent Retail for customers:

1. Availability & Instant – Traditional stores operate only for 10-12 hours which means customers have a time window of this many hours only. Many customers need to visit afar to get daily products. These problems are solved by Daalchini as vending machines operate 24x7 and can be installed anywhere.

2. Hygiene – Kirana stores are generally compact and lack proper hygiene, especially in eateries. The exchange of products, bills, and money may become a possible carrier of infections and viruses. While with vending machines, the process is completely contactless as there is no human interaction.

3. Convenience – Say a shop is located in a high footfall area. Therefore, customers need to travel various distances. Now when you set up a few vending machines in different localities, customers can find the closest kiosk via Daalchini App. Imagine the time and effort it saves for your customers.

4. Discoverability – What is the chance of your shop being discovered by more customers? How will customers know if a product is available at your shop? Intelligent retail Daalchini makes it easy! Customers can easily search for any kiosk and available items through the Daalchini app or interactive screen on any kiosk.

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Earn & Grow more with Intelligent Retail

You see how intelligent retail eradicates almost all of the roadblocks in the expansion of Mom-&-Pop stores. Instead of operating a single shop, one can set up multiple vending machines that work automatically. It saves your time, earns you more money, expands your customer reach, and provides you real-time analytics.

Daalchini helps you reach there easily. It has a low investment with a much faster payback period. From 24x7 convenience to instant discovery & customer satisfaction, it sets up everything for you.

Choose Daalchini and be your own boss!

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