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Women Entrepreneurs of Daalchini: How we helped Mothers to achieve big?

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This Mother’s Day (2019) we spoke to our Franchisee Partners, Cloud-Kitchen Partners and gathered their stories experience so far. We have listened to their stories of evolution, growth and inspiration.

Each story had a unique essence of a motherhood. You can also get some inspiration from these mothers who are working with Daalchini and making good money.

Daalchini has helped many mothers and women to become an entrepreneur and successful. We are working with many such mothers who are now a full time partner of Daalchini.

Let's have a look on each story one by one and find what interesting things they have said about their experience with Daalchini:

1.) Mothers = Confident & Strong

As a mother, I got lot of happiness from my family but today I am doing business with Daalchini and have become from a mom to momprenuer. Now I am a strong and confident woman . As a mother, I understand the importance of home cooked meals. Hence, I have provided this service to all individuals who don’t have access to home cooked meals. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Daalchini to share my vision.

- Gurdeep Kaur, Chandigarh

2.) Mothers = Nurturing and Independent

One day when I was busy doing my household chores, suddenly a call came to me from Daalchini. I told them that I run a small tiffin service from my house.They planned a meeting and it started. This gave me a platform to show my cooking skills to the commercial world.As Daalchini grew, I also grew and is continuing to grow further. From a wife,to a mom and now a momprenuer, I became more confident and independent.

- Neeta Garg, Greater Noida

3.) Mothers = Hustler

Always wanted to be financially strong and Daalchini had a huge hand to the person I am right now, also I want my young ones to achieve their desires, embrace what they truly are, hustle relentlessly and don’t let obstacles allow to be their weakness.

- Ashu, Noida

4.) Mothers = Believer in Big

I am a full time housewife and my family is my first priority but at the very same time I wanted to give some active income support to my family but I didn’t get any opportunity. Daalchini gave me this wonderful opportunity now I am not only a housewife today but a business woman too. I request to all my Dear Moms & Full-Time Housewives to grab this opportunity given by Daalchini and start your Mom-Entrepreneurship journey like me.

- Anju Gupta, Gurugram

5.) Mothers = Role Models

Motherhood is truly a remarkable gift and a privilege that I hold very close to my heart. To me, being a mother means to be fearless, to be a positive role model & Daalchini is contribute in my motherhood for my little princess.

- Ekta, Gurugram

6.) Mothers = Multi-tasker

During my visit to that exibition I got to know about Daalchini. Me and my husband searched information about Daalchini.

We understood the FOCO Business Model of Daalchini after that I decided to start my Mom-Entrepreneurship journey with Daalchini.

I am glad to share that this is the best opportunity for me because I am a full time housewife, my son and my family are my first priorities. But at the very same time I wanted to give active income support to my family but I didn’t get any opportunity.

Daalchini gave me this wonderful opportunity now I am not only a housewife today I am a business woman too.

- Rajashri Mahendra Darekar, Mumbai

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